Innovation Programs


It all started when…

A group of Doctors, Scientists and Engineers from Morristown, NJ decided to take on the growing needs of Innovation, in a world that has been striving to advance. This is where Innodesa was born.

Innodesa helps companies develop their own organic Innovation Programs...

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ARDEC is the US Army’s largest R&D lab, with over 2800 engineers and scientists working on the nation’s world leading armament solutions. We were asked to help it transform from a conservative research facility into an innovation powerhouse.


Idea Program

Today ARDEC receives more patents and runs more innovation projects than any other defense organization.


…or instantly adopt our Scalable program, from an Innovation Desk to an Innovation Center

A healthcare system that we have worked with is one of the largest healthcare delivery enterprises in the Northeast US. Until recently, they were also one of the few without an organic innovation program. We helped address this problem by developing and implementing, within six months, their very own innovation program. Although launched late 2017 this enterprise’s innovation center is already evaluating dozens of ideas with two new products being already available for use.